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Conducting interviews, building a culture

By Adam Ybarra, Resident ManagerAdam Ybarra headshot

Choosing a place to live is one of the many important decisions college students have to make every year. Over the past two months I’ve met with every student who has expressed interest in living at the St. John Paul II Newman Center, and it’s clear why they want to be the first to call the brand-new hall their home: JPII Newman is a community of men and women seeking to live life boldly and invite others to do the same.

The JPII Newman Center will be home to all Catholic students at UNO – residents and non-residents alike. This August, we will invite all of our JPII Newman students to join us in building a mission-centered culture of prayer, hospitality, formation, and service which reaches out to the entire campus.

The opportunity to live in a brand-new facility and create a culture is not something many college students have the chance to experience. So, if you know someone who is considering living at JPII Newman, or if you’re on the fence – let’s talk.

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