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Community Life FAQs

Is the JPII Newman Center open? Yes! We’re so excited to have you back at JPII Newman! Beginning July 1 the common spaces on the first floor are open once again to all college students in the Omaha area. All common spaces within Newman Hall remain reserved for use by residents and staff only.

The following are encouraged to stay at home:

A.   Students with underlying medical conditions.

B.  Students who live with elderly people or those who are at risk.

C.  Students who have access to those at risk in nursing institutions.

D.  Students who have upper respiratory or flu like symptoms.

E.  Students who live with someone with upper respiratory or flu like symptoms.

F.  Students with novel coronavirus or live with someone with novel coronavirus.

G.  Students who have been exposed to someone with novel coronavirus.

What precautions are in place to help us stay healthy while using common spaces?

Though it is not possible to eliminate risk entirely, following the recommendations of the CDC and our local health department, we are doing our part to keep everyone healthy:

Physical Distancing:
Physical distancing remains a recommendation of the CDC and our local health department. Students, staff, and visitors are expected to maintain physical distancing while in common spaces.

Capacity Limits:
Each common area and study room will have a sign posted with the current maximum occupancy. Please respect the posted capacity limits.

Hygiene and Cleaning:
Hand sanitizer is available for your use at all room entrances.
All surfaces in common spaces are being cleaned daily. However, most tables and chairs will be used by multiple people each day. Please use the cleaning supplies provided to clean your spot when you are finished.

Face masks:
Students, staff, and visitors are expected to wear face masks in all common spaces of the building: shuttle stop waiting area, Karol’s Commons, Holy Family Room, Scholastica Study, Benedict’s Roost, Oratory, narthex, basement, Newman Hall lounges, study rooms, 4th floor deck, laundry facilities.

So if the Newman Center is open, can we continue Bible studies and other events?

Yes! All student groups (small groups, pro-life groups, women’s/men’s groups, etc.) and events are subject to the regulations described in the most recent Directed Health Measure. The use of online platforms like google hangouts, zoom, or FaceTime is recommended when possible.

Students and staff are encouraged to find creative and suitable locations for small groups if choosing to gather in person, whether at JPII Newman or at another location. Depending on the size, some spaces at JPII Newman may not be able to accommodate groups at this time.

Are there limits on how many people can be in each room?
The current DHM (effective 6.22.20) states: “Indoor gatherings will be limited to 50 percent rated capacity, while outdoor gatherings will be limited to 75 percent capacity. Neither gatherings are to exceed 10,000 individuals. Groups should be limited to eight people and those groups should be six feet apart.” Physical distancing remains a recommendation of the CDC and our local health department. Students, staff, and visitors are expected to maintain physical distancing and wear masks while in common spaces.

Karol’s Commons
Capacity: 80

Holy Family Room
Capacity: 47

Scholastica Study
Capacity: 4

Benedict’s Roost
Capacity: 4

JPII Newman Basement
As an exception to our normal policy in which the basement is only reserved for staff led groups, the basement may be reserved for student or staff led small groups during this unusual time. The basement is to be used for small groups only, and may not be reserved for personal/private use for studying or other social events. Students do not have unlimited access to the basement, so the RA or Student Ambassador at the front desk can buzz you down. Please make basement reservations in advance.

To reserve the basement for your small group, please email or stop by her desk in the back office area.

Can we reserve rooms for small group Bible studies and study groups? Yep! To make a reservation, please fill out the event request form at

Reservations are made for one semester at a time. If plans change and you no longer need your reservation, we appreciate an update so it can be removed from the calendar.

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