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International Day of Friendship:

Putting Faces to the Name at JPII Newman

July 30, 2018

Friendship… It is something that we all desire and wish for. If we’re lucky, we get a few REALLY great friends in our lifetime.

Mick Meets Maddie

The first time I met Maddie was at a FOCUS conference in January 2017.  She was my friend’s boyfriend’s (now fiance’s!!) little sister.  Did you catch all that?  She was a senior in high school, and I thought that it was incredible that she had such a fire for the faith as a high school student!

Right away, I noticed her positive attitude and genuine joy of being at this conference.  We hit it off and became friends!

After the conference, I saw her around the Newman Center a few times.  I was SO excited for her to move into the dorm so that we could grow our friendship.

When August 2017 came around and Bible studies were starting up again, I had a desire in my heart from the Lord to lead one for freshmen girls.  Right away I thought of Maddie and her passion for Jesus!  I invited her to join my study, and she made a commitment to learn more about the Bible with seven other girls and me!  A little while later I asked her into discipleship – a purposeful friendship of running to Jesus together.

Our friendship has consisted of road trips, excessive amounts of coffee, sitting with Jesus in the oratory at 2:00 a.m., and so many movie nights that have turned into talks about how much love Jesus has for us.

If you have not met Madeline Jarosik, I highly encourage that you get to know her.  My year and a half of friendship with her has given me too many blessings to count!  She is selfless, caring, thoughtful, and loves the Lord with all she is.  Please pray for our friendship, and I will continue to pray for the JPII Newman community, that you all find a friend that is just as marvelous as Madeline Jarosik.

Maddie’s Turn

I remember clear as day the first time I met Mick.  I was invited as a senior in high school to attend the SEEK 2017 trip in San Antonio.  Besides my brother and his girlfriend, now fiancé, I didn’t know anybody going on this trip.

We were packing the goodie bags for all the attendees the day before the conference, and I decided to lighten the mood with a song from “High School Musical”.

I put my hands in the air and started screaming the lyrics to “Get Your Head in the Game” and watched my brother look at me in horror as if I was completely embarrassing him in front of his college friends.

I immediately got uncomfortable because I realized how loud I was until this bubbly, insane girl came right up next to me and said, “TURN IT UP!”.  I turned it all the way up and, before we knew it, all of the host campus students were singing and dancing.

You might have already guessed that this God-fearing woman was Mick.

When the music stopped, she sat down with me and invested herself in knowing who I was.  We spent the conference getting to know Jesus and each other well.  We exchanged information and promised each other we would pray for one another.

Four days after I moved into Newman Hall, Mick tapped a card on my door inviting me to be a part of her FOCUS Bible study and, eventually, her disciple.

I have learned how to love with risk and without fear because of Mick’s unfailing selflessness towards everyone she meets.  She has allowed me to live fearlessly and supports me in every decision I have made.

Mick once told me that the Lord allows certain people in our lives for an undeniably perfect reason.  I believe that she is one of those cases and will be for a very long time.

International Friendship Day is observed on July 30.

Michaela Moriarty | Metropolitan Community College | Interior Design | Resident Assistant, Newman Hall

Madeline Jarosik    | Metropolitan Community College | Applied Science in Photography

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