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Leaving a Legacy

Suzie and Mike Lawler always like to help the underdog. They also like to give to causes that reflect their enduring faith and their strong Catholic values. They found the perfect match with the JPII Newman Center in Omaha.

The Underdog: College Students. (73% of people who leave the Catholic faith do so in college.)

Faith and Values: what happens every day at JPII Newman.

Concerned about so many young people leave the Catholic faith, the Lawlers wanted to be a part of the movement in Omaha that is working to help give students an authentically Catholic community and a place where they can be built up and become future leaders of the Church.

They were approached early in the vision by Father Joe Taphorn and Archbishop Lucas. Without hesitation, the Lawlers supported the campaign and were part of the leadership that made that vision a reality. They were drawn by the great community of students and authentic friendships that JPII Newman could provide. They also saw it as a place where students can learn life skills and knew JPII Newman would help generate solid marriages and religious vocations.

“It is one of Omaha’s best kept secrets,” said Suzie of JPII Newman. But neither she nor her husband feels it should be that way. Their initial gift before construction and support along the way has ensured that JPII Newman had a good start and the resources to thrive. And thrive it has! Since the building opened in 2016, all programs and ministries have grown at an exponential rate.

Always moved by the desire to leave the world in a better place, Suzie and Mike know that God has blessed them in many ways. They share their gifts willingly whether its financial or with their time and talent. Their names are on many annual reports that are active in pro-life ministries and they enthusiastically participate on committees and boards in the Archdiocese, in their parish, and throughout Omaha.

Their hope is in God. “We know He is taking care of us,” they said, “He continues to bless us.” They also have hope in young people, fearless in their love for Jesus and His Church. By sharing their blessings with so many organizations in and around Omaha, Suzie and Mike are spreading joy and love to so many, and leaving a legacy that will bear fruit for years to come.

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