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Why One Omaha Man Gives! to JPII Newman

May 20, 2019

“It’s not easy being green,” a popular quote from Kermit the Frog.  Well, it’s not easy transitioning from being the child of a caring parent living at home to entering the world of near adults (teenagers) in the upper educational arena.

JPII Newman makes this transition as worry free for the parent and trouble free for the student as possible. 

JPII’s atmosphere is based on independent living with like-minded students who are striving for educational success along with the fulfillment of their Faith beliefs.

This community provides the place for growing in Faith along with a nurturing feeling of belonging.  Nothing as valuable as the JPI Newman is cost free.  Housing costs are comparable to the universities in the area.  The difference is the quality of attention received by the student and convenience to the UNO campus or a college of their choice. 

Education is the one thing that cannot be taken away once it is absorbed.  Students lives are formed by the professional staff and like-minded fellow students. 

Giving to sustain this community is the highest use of donors resources.  The gift of giving is your reward.  The lives changed and enhanced at JPII are your tribute to the future.

Tom LaHood | JPII Newman Development Committee Member & Grandparent of JPII Newman Alumni

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